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Diary of the Displaced is a genre-breaking saga that is part mystery, part scifi, part horror and part fantasy. Set in a universe where creatures from the depths of .
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There was no explanation, just a torrent of blows that fell on his head and his body. Futhu fell over. The beating continued. He was bleeding, dizzy. He saw that his father was bleeding from the mouth. He lost consciousness and woke intermittently. He was being dragged now. The sharp points of knives were piercing his skin. A cigarette smoldered his arm. They all knew what happened to the educated when the authorities came.

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When Futhu woke up, his arms were still tied behind him. Everything — his back, his stomach, his arms and his head — hurt. He had been dragged a short distance from the group. If anyone protested or looked up, they were beaten harder.

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One man recorded the detention on his mobile phone, turning it around to film his face, as if he were taking a vacation selfie. An officer barked at Futhu to get up. He could barely stand, but he followed the officer to a clearing, where three higher-ranking officials sat under the shade of betel nut trees. Futhu confirmed that he had. Your ancestors came from Bangladesh. How dare you. Futhu saw that one of the officers in the group was the highest-ranking officer from the nearby B.

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Another was a man he had played soccer with. He looked to him as he spoke. The officer Futhu had recognized from the checkpost came over and smashed him in the head with a rifle. They wanted to know about ARSA.

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Futhu said he knew nothing about them. He goes to school straight and comes back. Maybe he was involved in the placard writing, but he is not involved with any bad people. It was as good of a character reference as Futhu could have hoped for. Morning and evening, every day! I have never been involved in this work! By the evening, it had started to rain, turning the ground the men sat on to mud. The officers told the soaking mass to get up. They were herded into a two-story thatched house with the interior walls removed.

Hundreds of men were pushed in and piled on top of one another. In the morning, women and children appeared, having been told that they could bring food for the captives.

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